Introduction to Linux OS and Shell Scripting

Course Duration

60 hours

Course Audience and Qualification

– Software Developers.
– Computer Science students and Graduate.
– MIS Students and Graduate.
– System Admins.

Course Objectives

– Learning about Linux OS components and installation.
– Understanding files and permissions.
– Learning simple and advanced commands.
– Understanding shell operations.
– Learning basics of shell scripting.
– Learning how to use shell scripting to simplify tasks.

Course Description

– This is an introduction course to linux operating system starting from linux basic concepts and linux history. Course provides the needed concepts and information to make trainees able to get the most of this powerful OS. Course also covers linux commands and basics of shell scripting.

Course Methodology

– Course is divided into lecture, demos and hands on labs.
– Lectures are meant to deliver the basic concepts and info.
– Demos are meant to illustrate how to get things done.
– Hands on labs are meant to enable trainees to master through hands on experience.