Building web applications using Django framework

Course Duration

60 hours

Course Audience and Qualification

– Software Developers.
– Computer Science students and Graduate.
– MIS Students and Graduate.

Course Objectives

– Learning how to build web apps using django framework.
– Learning how to use MVC to build better apps.
– Learning how to secure web apps.

Course Description

– Course provides the basic concepts and information needed to build complete web application using Python and Django framework.

– Course also provides needed illustration for HTTP communication model and MVC design pattern.

Course Methodology

– Course is divided into lecture, demos and hands-on labs.
– Lectures are meant to deliver the basic concepts and info.
– Demos are meant to illustrate how to get things done.
– Hands-on labs are meant to enable trainees to master through hands-on experience.

Course Content

  • Using Django’s admin
  • Defining URLs at one place (Routing)
  • In-depth explanation of function based views
  • How to use class-based views
  • Creating templates using Django’s template engine
  • How to handle static files in Django
  • Managing Django’s settings
  • Different debugging techniques
  • Logging
  • Forms and their validation
  • Sending email using a form
  • Pagination
  • Authentication
  • Sessions and messages
  • Security
  • Write your own middleware
  • Create your own tags and filters