Cyber security


Penetration testing for Linux, Windows and Web Applications

Course Duration

60 hours

Course Audience and Qualification

– Software Developers.
– Computer Science students and Graduate.
– MIS Students and Graduate.
– System Admins.

Course Objectives

– Provides main concepts of system security.
– Provides main concepts about vulnerabilities and threats.
– Learning penetration testing phases.
– Getting familiar with security tools.

Course Description

– Cyber security course is meant to deliver the basic knowledge and hands-on experience needed to operate a complete penetration test for IT based system starting from information gathering, vulnerability analysis, exploitation and post exploitation.

Course Methodology

– Course is divided into lecture, demos and hands on labs.
– Lectures are meant to deliver the basic concepts and info.
– Demos are meant to illustrate how to get things done.
– Hands on labs are meant to enable trainees to master through hands on experience.